Monday, March 28, 2011

Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone

The new Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone features dual core Tegra 2 processors running at 1GHz, and is billed as the world’s fastest smartphone.  It also comes with 1GB of RAM, and has a 960 x 540 HD 4″ screen.

You can watch movies on a full size tv with the HDMI out cable, and HD is no problem at all for the Tegra 2 graphics processor. The phone will run Android (2.3?) and have a monstrous 1930mAh hour battery that should keep the phone powered for well over a day with heavy use.
Another interesting feature is that the phone comes preloaded with something called Citrix Receiver. This allows the phone to function as a complete desktop replacement when paired with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Here’s a video from Citrix of the setup running.


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